Bike Tour Rotterdam

Shown the way by a local guide you can take a three hour biking tour covering highlights of the city center and periphery. Our extensive tour will give you a good idea of Rotterdam as a city: its special bridges, riverbanks, skyscrapers, modern architectural high rise with the associated projects in the inner city as well as outlying districts on both sides of the Maas River. Spectacular architecture is great reason to visit Rotterdam. Bicycling you can discover its modern history of design: prewar innovations, post war municipal planning, the social building design of  the ‘70s-‘80s and the STARchitects of the ‘90s with your local guide.

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Bike Tour Highlights

This bike tour will show all the highlights of Rotterdam. You bike with one of our guids to the Central Station, the Market Hall, the historical Scheepvaartkwartier and cross the bridges to the Kop van Zuid and Katendrecht.

Bike Tour Architecture

This bike tour is made for those who want to see the architecture of Rotterdam. An architectural guide will show you the moderne architecture, the high-rise buildings, the ‘reconstrucion architecture and the highlights of ‘New Building’ in Rotterdam.