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Walks are perfect to discover Rotterdam, particular the city centre or some specific neighbourhood. Being one of the few Dutch cities without an old city centre as a consequence of WWII, Rotterdam reinvented itself like no other city in the Netherlands! Our experienced guides can lead you through Rotterdam via several interesting walking tours. Note that Lonely Planet placed Rotterdam it in the top five out of ten cities in the world that one must see.

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The City Center Walk Rotterdam is our most popular tour. This walking tour is ideal for those who want to see the best of the center of Rotterdam and learn more about the history and latest developments in town under de guidance of an experienced city guide.

These days two of the most exciting parts of Rotterdam across the Erasmus Bridge. In the Kop van Zuid you can expect high-rise and modern architecture, while the old sailor neighbourhood Katendrecht is offering an intriguing past and several interesting culinary options.

This tour will show you the surprising old history of Rotterdam that became established officially in the 14th century. The city has been the home of some amazing individuals like Erasmus. Learn also more about Rotterdam through the Dutch Golden Age when the city became important. Of course the history and development of the famous harbour is also part of this history tour.

Our Architectural Walking Tour is ideal for lovers of modern architecture. This tour will lead you to the architectural highlights in the centre of Rotterdam. You’ll also learn about the typical Rotterdam ‘wederopbouwarchitectuur’ (reconstruction architecture) and famous Rotterdam architects like Rem Koolhaas.

One of the most characteristic neighbourhoods of Rotterdam which we combine with the hotspot ‘Hofbogen’, a former railway viaduct. You can expect on our guided Oude Noorden Tour ‘singels’ (the Rotterdam version of canals), original boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and cafes along the Rotte river, the eponym of the city of Rotterdam.

Lit markers, set in the pavement, and fire stones mark the subsequent week long burning perimeter after the bombing of 1940. The tour conducted by our history guide will provide loads of interesting information about pre and post WWII Rotterdam.