City Rotterdam Tours – COVID-19 guidelines

City Rotterdam Tours will start again and we will take the following measures regarding the corona virus in accordance with the latest RIVM guidelines:

  • City Rotterdam Tours works with groups of maximum 4 participants excluding guide.
  • City Rotterdam Tours uses the 1.5 meter distance between guide and participants.
  • Groups are requested to guarantee the 1.5 meters between themselves and our guide will supervise this where possible, but City Rotterdam Tours can not be held responsible for damage caused by the group not keeping enough distance between themselves.
  • Participants with complaints are requested to stay at home.
  • During the tours, busy places and indoor areas are avoided as much as possible, which is very well possible in the expansive and spaciously designed Rotterdam.
  • City Rotterdam Tours applies reduced rates for standard tours without specific customization during the corona period.

City Rotterdam Tours will of course continue to follow the guidelines and updates of the RIVM and tours will be adjusted if necessary.